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If you’re looking to help us challenge the 72 Hour Waiting Period Law, please be sure to donate through our sister organization, SAM Institute for Legislative Action (SAM-ILA).

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SAM is not just about hunting and fishing. Anyone that kayaks, canoes, hikes, bird-watches, ATVs, snowmobiles, orienteers, camps or snowshoes has benefited from SAM. Profit from SAM’s reputation for building effective coalitions across party lines to make policy, initiate legislation and lead referendums. SAM is a state-wide organization that is recognized for implementing legislation, on both state and federal levels interacting with the legislature, state agencies, local communities and others to enhance and preserve Maine’s outdoor heritage. Be part of SAM’s commitment to educate the public concerning wildlife conservation, field sports and related programs by utilizing hands on training, literature, television, radio, print and social media. Help support further development, operations and maintenance of SAM’s 100-acre Outdoor Education Center that includes 3.2 miles of hiking/nature trails, trout fishing ponds for children and the disabled and a place for youth groups to learn about conservation and nature and safely camp. Gain from SAM’s effective relationship with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIF&W) based on a foundation of mutual respect. MDIF&W routinely seeks input from SAM. SAM has regular meetings with the Commissioner, Colonel and MDIF&W staff. Benefit from SAM having 8,000 plus members and partnerships with 70 Fish & Game clubs statewide (30,000 members) which has established SAM as the voice of sportsmen & women across the state. Receive recognition from SAM’s vast communications network that includes a comprehensive website, a bi-monthly newsletter/magazine and a Facebook page for members.