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If you’re looking to help us challenge the 72 Hour Waiting Period Law, please be sure to donate through our sister organization, SAM Institute for Legislative Action (SAM-ILA).

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SAM’s core values are Leadership. Integrity and Fairness. Leadership has and continues to be the foundation for SAM’s success and reputation. There are five key segments of Leadership; the SAM Board of Directors, the Institute for Legislative Action, Staff, Committees and Volunteers. All but staff are unpaid volunteers dedicated to SAM’s vision, mission and core values.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS – The SAM Board has fourteen members. There is a vast amount of experience and expertise within the Board including former legislators, former legislative committee chairs, a banker, biologist, conservation specialists, crisis manager, educator, law enforcement, senior military, marine operations, lodge operations, outdoor writing, outfitting and environmental professionals.

INSTITUTE FOR LEGISLATIVE ACTION (SAM-ILA) – In 2017, the SAM Board formed the SAM-ILA as a separate, sister organization. It has its own Board to better serve members by taking on political battles when needed, including referendums, lobbying at the State House and candidate evaluations and endorsements. More information is available on the SAM ILA website:

STAFF – The talented and dedicated staff is the backbone of the organization led by a highly experienced Executive Director with extensive experience in government, the legislative process and fundraising.

COMMITTEES – SAM has numerous committees made up of board members as well as others with appropriate experience and expertise. Included are Fisheries, Hatcheries, Fundraising, Membership, Nominating, Sportsman Show, Veterans and Volunteers.

VOLUNTEERS – Like any not-for-profit organization, SAM could not survive without volunteers. Volunteers help with clerical work, education programs, veteran events, sports shows, facility maintenance and now in the development and maintenance of the new 100-acre Outdoor Education Center property.