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2nd Amendment

In 1975, CBS News ran a TV show “The Guns of Autumn”. It was a blatant attack on hunting and guns in general. Ed Armstrong of Hampden was incensed by its content and he called Bud Leavitt, sports editor of the Bangor Daily News. They agreed that Maine needed a statewide organization to help protect hunting and gun owner rights. They organized a meeting of concerned Mainers who formed the Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine. The rest is history!

SAM has helped defeat hundreds of anti-2nd Amendment gun control proposals and led the successful effort to amend the State Constitution to guarantee the right for law abiding citizens to own firearms, including that that right shall never be questioned.

SAM led the successful effort to protect victims of domestic violence and individuals in protective custody while still protecting 2nd Amendment rights by finding common ground between 2nd Amendment supporters and the federal, state and local agencies that work with Maine’s domestic violence victims.

SAM proudly collaborates with the Bureau of Maine Veterans Services as part of the Maine Safer Home Task Force (MSHT) to reduce Veteran Suicides. MSHT was created to address the growing number of Veteran suicides. There are 21 veteran suicides a day nationally and Maine has had the highest veteran suicide rate in New England for the past three years.

Working with Rep. Corey Wilson, SAM ensured passage of legislation to keep concealed carry data confidential when the media attempted to identity all Maine people holding a concealed weapons permit.

Working with Rep. Patrick Corey, SAM ushered passage of two Range Protection Acts that ensured recreational ranges could continue to operate as safe places to recreationally shoot.