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If you’re looking to help us challenge the 72 Hour Waiting Period Law, please be sure to donate through our sister organization, SAM Institute for Legislative Action (SAM-ILA).

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SAM is a state-wide organization that has a proven record of leadership at the state and federal level for interacting with the legislature, state agencies, local communities, sportsman groups and others to enhance and preserve Maine’s outdoor heritage.

SAM’s proven success and reputation for building effective coalitions across party lines to make policy, initiate legislation and lead referendums benefiting the outdoor community whether you hunt, fish, trap, shoot, boat, kayak, canoe, hike, birdwatch, ATV, snowmobile, orienteer, camp or snowshoe.

SAM has established a very effective working relationship with the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (MDIF&W) based on a foundation of mutual respect. MDIF&W routinely seeks input from SAM and interactive meetings with the Commissioner and Colonel occur on a regular basis. Notable examples of successful legislative advocacy are SAM’s effort to create the Land for Maine’s Future Program, to create the Maine Outdoor Heritage Fund, to establish the Brook Trout as Maine’s “Heritage” fish, to oppose efforts to undermine MDIF&W, and to have the State purchase deer yards.

SAM has a sister, non-profit c-4 organization, the SAM Institute for Legislative Action, that employs a full-time lobbyist to monitor and testify on legislation, as well as coordinate referendums. SAM uses its strength from 8,000 plus members, along with 30,000 members of 70 Fish & Game club partners as a powerful tool and voice for sportsmen & women across the state.

SAM uses its vast communications network a comprehensive website, a bi-monthly newsletter/magazine, a Facebook page for members, and the use of email, radio, television and podcasts to keep members informed about legislative activity, candidates running for office and information on issues that directly impact their outdoor interests and activities.