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Coyote Hunting and Trapping Primer


Interested in coyote hunting but
don’t know where to begin? Does
the thought of trapping the elusive
coyote intrigue you? Well, SAM has
published a Coyote Primer that just
might get you started. Newly updated
with over 20 new articles, this
primer covers all the bases: hunting
over bait, calling, hunting coyotes
with dogs, and trapping basics. In
addition, you’ll learn about coyote
biology, deer ecology, and how you can improve deer survival by
reducing coyote abundance. We’ll even keep you on the straight
and narrow with a section covering DIFW’s coyote hunting laws
and regs.
This primer was co-written by wildlife biologist and avid coyote
hunter Gerry Lavigne, and long-time Maine trapper, and publisher of
Trapper’s Post magazine, Bob Noonan. Both writers have also drawn
from the experience of scores of successful coyote hunters and
trappers right here in Maine. This primer will provide a major boost
along the learning curve for novice hunters and trappers. But we’re
betting that even veterans to the coyote hunting and trapping scene
will find plenty of useful info.
The Coyote Hunting and Trapping Primer is a product of SAM’s Deer
Management Network initiative. At SAM, we believe hunters can
play a key stewardship role in protecting deer and improving our
own deer hunting experiences. Advancing the concept of predation
management by providing sound knowledge about coyote hunting
and trapping will help to recruit interested hunters and trappers.

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