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If you’re looking to help us challenge the 72 Hour Waiting Period Law, please be sure to donate through our sister organization, SAM Institute for Legislative Action (SAM-ILA).

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Want to read something chilling? Look at the following quote from the linked article. THIS is why we need your support here at Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine for our firearms programs. It is not a matter of “IF” but ‘WHEN” and we just saw what kind of damage a large, powerful, outside entity can cause here in our home. Check out this statement, check out the whole article, and please join SAM and/or make a much needed donation.

“…….The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence — along with other advocacy groups — is evaluating which states among the 17 that allow ballot initiatives are the best spots to pick for the next fight; Maine, Arizona and Oregon, should their legislatures not take action, are widely viewed as the three with the most potential for gun control advocates……..”
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​Please assist us in this battle by making a tax deductible contribution and consider joining our ranks. United We Stand!

Jeff W. Zimba, Firearms Policy Specialist, Sportsmans Alliance of Maine
[email protected]